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Are your products handmade?

Although some of the items are bought in, a lot of the jewellery and other pieces are crafted at home with our own two hands.  Personally handmade items are marked as such and you can be assured each handmade item is created lovingly in our studio.  Any items that we have not handmade personally are sourced from ethically responsible sources and you'll see a note in the product description to say so.


Do you do custom orders?

Sometimes, it depends how busy we are!  Feel free to contact me at and ask about your request!

Where do you source your materials?

We pride ourselves in seeking out quality materials sourced both locally and in various countries overseas.  

What is the best way to care for my tassel necklace?

  • Be sure to take your tassel necklace out of its bag/box and hang it so the tassel hangs straight.
  • Tassel necklaces are not designed for all-day-every-day wear. You can expect your tassel necklace to handle occasional all-day wear and some fabulous nights out as well.
  • Please be careful when sitting at a desk or similar situation where the tassel can rub as this can cause damage.  
  • As tempting as it may be, please don't play with your tassel as it may start to lose threads.
  • Please refrain from using perfumes or hairsprays around your gorgeous tassel necklace as it can cause damage to painted beads.
  • As a low cost, fashion jewellery option, your tassel necklace can be expected to last at least 3 months.  Manufacturer fault outside of this time will be fixed at our discretion.  Wear & tear outside of this time frame will be fixed at the owner's cost.

My tassel necklace has broken, what should I do?

Occasionally this happens, and it happens to all brands, I know as I've had local designer tassels bought to me to re-string!   Please read the "How to look after your tassel necklace" above and contact me should this happen, although it's very rare!

The colour of the metal in my charm set changed, is this normal?  

Many of my items are plated, this means the colour of chain and other metal items may change over time. This is the nature of the materials used and can only be avoided by using solid silver or solid gold, instead of the plated items I currently use. This change in colour can be expected, is not a product fault, and in fact only adds to the charm of the item.